6 Outdoor Activities In The Huntsville Area

As the weather is warming up in Huntsville, it is the season to spend time outside. Huntsville is beautiful and has so many activities that you can be doing outside any day of the week. No matter if you are looking for a date activity or taking your kids somewhere, our top 6 outdoor activities will have something for you. 

Monte Sano State Park

Monte Sano State Park is the perfect place to spend a day outdoors with plenty of activities. Monte Sano has some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Huntsville that stretch over 20 miles throughout the park. Camping and cabins are also available if you are looking to spend a weekend outdoors. The state park also offers a disk golf course that is open to anyone who wants to play. All of this and more is inside the park for only a daily fee of $5 for any adult. 

Hot Air Ballooning 

Altitude Adventures located in Huntsville will be sure to give you the thrill of a lifetime. Spend an afternoon 2,500 feet in the air with beautiful sights below you. Altitude Adventures has over 10 years of flying experience and a true love for the sport. If you are  looking to do something unique and special, spend your day with the professionals at Altitude. 

Trash Pandas

The Rocket City Trash Pandas are a Minor League Baseball team that plays in the double A division. The Trash Pandas have fun events at each of their home games like fireworks or dog days where you can bring your loved pet with you. Spend a night at Toyota Field cheering on the Trash Pandas with your family or friends and be sure to get on the jumbotron while you are there. This is the perfect activity for anyone but especially sports lovers. 

Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Visit the 112 acres of beauty at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens with a wide variety of things to do while you are there. Go see the stunning floral collections and discover the flowers that are in your backyard. See more butterflies than you ever have before in the nation’s largest open air butterfly house. Have a picnic and enjoy the nature around you as you spend time in the cool shade under the trees. 

Zip Lining

Fly through the air on zip lines with Huntsville’s The Vision Zip Line Tour. Spend your day high in the air above Huntsville’s mountains enjoying the eagle eye view. This is the perfect adventure for anyone above the age of 8. With over a mile of zip lines, this is a great adventure that you will not forget and will be dying to come back and do it over again. Hiking and zip lining included will have you itching to do it again.

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Harmony Park Safari

Harmony Park Safari is a fun and exciting adventure where you will feel like you are in a different country. You can see animals that you have never seen before while driving through the park right next to them. Have a zebra walk right up to your car and eat food from your hand. Be sure to buy a bucket of food when you start so the animals enjoy coming up to your car. This is a great way to spend an afternoon and is fun for any age group. 

Huntsville is full of awesome activities and outdoor adventures that will be sure to give you a thrill. Once you return home after your full day of activities and see that the exterior of your house needs a repair, call the professionals at Ridgeline Construction. Give us a call at (256) 325-1345 or visit our website for any questions you may need answers to. 


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