Are Woodpeckers Attracted to Fiber Cement Siding?

Woodpeckers are attracted to your home’s siding for various reasons. Often, your siding can make a loud noise to entice a mate, or they may want to build a nest. It’s also possible that they are looking for insects to feed on, or they want to store food in the hole.

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Which Siding Materials Attract Woodpeckers?

While vinyl siding is less prone to woodpecker damage, they can attract woodpeckers if you have a wood fascia. The birds can make a drumming sound on it to attract mates, damaging the material.

Moreover, woodpeckers love stained cedar clapboard siding. These are more susceptible to damage if they have a dark brown, red or green color tone. The birds may create holes and scrapes on the corner boards or fascia. Other siding materials that woodpeckers are attracted to include wood composite, grooved plywood and resawn cedar shakes.

Do These Birds Like Fiber Cement?

The most economical and attractive siding option to prevent woodpecker damage is fiber cement. Woodpeckers don’t also peck at engineered wood, stone or brick siding. At Ridgeline Construction & Roofing Exteriors, we are known as one of the best siding installation and waterproof roof coating companies. You can count on us for your James Hardie® fiber cement siding installation.

As much as possible, avoid installing siding materials that attract woodpeckers. Most woodpecker drilling happens in the fall, from September through November. These birds are looking for sheltered places to roost in colder months, so it’s important to take preventive measures during this time.

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