Corporations With a Heart: Social Responsibility Benefits

You can’t blame consumers for being skeptical of roof companies and manufacturers; a lot of them have had experiences that justify their view. That’s changing, though. An increasing number of companies are starting corporate responsibility initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and give back to their employees and stakeholders.

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TAMKO® Building Products started similar initiatives back in 2013 and have since reused a billion pounds of recycled materials in their products. Such initiatives are always a good thing, but what does that mean for you as a homeowner?

Ridgeline Construction Roofing & Exteriors, one of the state’s top roof maintenance companies, elaborates below.

Creating a Healthy Working Environment Through Pollution Reduction

Air pollution and respiratory diseases can’t be confined to one area. Regardless of where you’re currently located, you’ll feel the effects of air pollution sooner or later; pollutants are swept up by global wind currents, bringing them to different parts of the globe.

Of course, the first to bear the brunt of air pollution’s harmful effects are those nearest to the site where pollution occurs. In TAMKO’s case, it’s their employees. An unhealthy working environment negatively impacts employees’ productivity, which, in turn, reduces the quality of the company’s products and customer services.

To help create a healthier workplace, TAMKO introduced several emission reduction measures in its facilities, many of which have produced encouraging results. Listed below are some of these measures:

  • TAMKO’s facility in Phillipsburg, KS, reduced its potential air emissions by 70 million cubic feet annually.
  • The company drastically reduced idling truck traffic outside its facility in Dallas, TX.

Cheaper Roofing Materials

Apart from measures ensuring quality products and customer service, recycling has one big benefit for consumers – lower material costs. Recycled is steel is cheaper than new products.

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