Does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement?

What does it really take to literally “have a roof over your head”?

When it comes to roofing, you want homeowners insurance to ensure that you’re providing a safe, quality home for your family. Your goal is to do everything in your power to make sure that your home is suitable for your family’s needs.

From severe weather to worn-out shingles, there are a handful of reasons why your roof might spring a leak, need repairs, or require a full roof replacement. Understanding the insurance process, your homeowners insurance policy, and your state requirements will help you to better prepare and budget for your roof repairs or roof replacements.

At Ridgeline Construction, our goal is for our team to address your roofing needs with minimal stress and intrusion. While insurance is a huge conversation and varies by individual, we’ve comprised some resources and information to make getting your new roof as straightforward as possible.

The insurance process

Understanding the insurance process for your needs as a homeowner is essential to smooth home repairs. We’ve broken down a simple step-by-step process. These steps should show for what you can expect from us and your insurance once you notice you need roofing help.

    • Contact your local roofing company for a roof inspection.
      When you notice a leak, damage, or think it’s just time for a new roof, reach out to your local roofing company. Roofing experts, like our staff at Ridgeline Construction, will be able to provide you with an analysis and estimate of your roofing services, as well as the potential cause of your roofing damage.
    • File a claim with your insurance agency.
      The time frame that an insurance company gives a homeowner to file a claim can depend on the type of damage and the company’s policy. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to contact your insurer as soon as you receive a roof inspection.
    • Receive report from your insurance.
      After your insurance claim adjuster reviews your request and schedules a visit to assess the damage, you will receive a summary from your insurance about what items your homeowners insurance policy covers, along with the costs that your insurance company will pay.
    • Finance your roof replacement.
      Once you have a grasp on the amount of financial coverage that your insurance will provide, you can adequately pursue your options for financing your roof repairs and replacement. Ridgeline Construction has a financing option for you to consider, which has many advantages.
    • Enjoy a new roof!
      Once you get your insurance and finances squared away, your local roofing company will begin working on your home. At Ridgeline Construction, we pride ourselves on being one of the premier local roofing companies in Alabama and providing quality products with exceptional customer service. 


Common insurance questions for Ridgeline Construction

I’ve seen contractors that “waive” the deductibles for a roof replacement. Do you do this?

Simple answer, no. While this offer may be tempting upfront, many complications inhibit covering the cost of a deductible. In Alabama, it’s a felony to cover deductibles based on insurance fraud. Saving money through illegal means is not a compromise worth taking – for the roofer or the homeowner. Work with a trustworthy roofer that you can trust.

How is my deductible calculated?

Your homeowners insurance deductible is the amount of money that you’re responsible for paying before your insurance company will pay for the insured loss.

Traditionally, insurance companies would present this deductible in a dollar amount. Now, however, most insurance companies a percentage deductible for more specific causes of home damage. As a percentage, your deductible often puts much more claim on the homeowner, especially if you have a larger, more expensive home. Your deductible is an out-of-pocket payment for the homeowner. If you do not prepare to pay for your deductible ahead of time, it can keep you from providing the things your family needs, such as a secure home with a reliable roof.

Look into your deductible amount along with your insurance premiums, and speak with your insurance company to find out how to have a policy that works best for you and your family.

What standards do you follow for roof repair and replacement?

At Ridgeline Construction, we commit to following the state and national laws, most recent International Residential Codes (IRC), and the required manufacturing codes for the application of each of our products. As a family owned and operated business, we are highly respected in our community for our family values, strong work ethic, and exceptional service.

What are the resources that I can access about insurance regulations and codes?

Many references can help you gain an understanding of standard policies in your area and your insurance needs. For more information, read more from these resources:

Insurance needs of our service areas

Our Ridgeline Construction areas of service expand throughout the state of Alabama – from north Alabama and down into the Panhandle. Expectedly, the insurance needs and requirements can vary based on location, especially within these different climates, common weather elements, and areas.

  • Pensacola
    If you live and own a home in the Pensacola area, you’re probably more aware of your home’s roofing condition. Due to the possibility of hurricanes, homes tend to be better managed. Contrary to other parts of the state, Pensacola has more regulations, stricter enforcement of building and roofing codes, and more frequent inspections for your home and roof. In this area, it’s required for homeowners to reroof their  homes at a certain age and hire local roofing companies to inspect their homes frequently.
  • Huntsville
    Without the same impending threats to the health of a roof and home, the Huntsville area does not maintain as strict of standards as south Alabama. While local roofing companies inspect roofs as they install them, ordinances that mandate roofing inspections are not as frequently enforced as other areas in Alabama. Additionally, because these codes and regulations aren’t as commonly acknowledged, it can cause tension between a homeowner, insurance company, and local roofing company to agree on a quality standard for your roofing services.

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The process of dealing with your insurance policy becomes significantly more manageable when you research, read through, and understand your homeowners policy and the items included in your coverage before the time of necessity. When it comes to needing a new roof, you don’t want to have to be kept waiting for any reason – but especially because of insurance and finances.

Overall, you want a roof on your home that is good quality, built to code, and safe for your family. At Ridgeline Construction, we can provide you quality products and services in a reliable, unobtrusive manner. 

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