Everything You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

Skylights are a great way to add additional natural light to your home and give a more unique view than a traditional window or even a french door. Skylights have several benefits, like bringing in additional solar heat, and increasing ventilation and they can even add equity to your home. If you are considering adding a skylight, here are some important things to know and consider beforehand.

Install Strategically to Avoid Sunlight Glare

Not only does sun glare make a room too bright, but it can also make it incredibly hot, something we definitely do not need more of in Alabama. Sun glare can also fade furniture, flooring, and fabrics. To avoid sun glare, you can install it in a location that gets minimal direct sunlight. You can also install shades or filters to counteract the glare.

You’re in Control of the Light

The type of physical light you choose will determine how much light is brought into the room. Lights with straight sides focus the light in one area, while lights with flares will spread the light out over space.

Placement is Important

Choosing the darkest corner in your home isn’t always the best method. Bathrooms and kitchens are common areas for skylights, but these areas tend to draw a lot of moisture. Excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew on your skylight. If you’re leaning toward one of these rooms, you may want to consider an automatic skylight that opens to allow for ventilation. Also, consider other doors and windows that it will align with. Generally speaking, skylights look best when they are aligned with these types of features.

Choose a Good Quality Skylight

Roofs are our home’s line of defense against wind, rain, hail, and other elements of nature. You’ll want to ensure your skylight can withstand this type of environmental stress. The cheapest option may not be the best in this case. Choosing the right company to install your skylight, like Ridgeline Construction, is also important. Our experience in roofing is beneficial for skylight installation.

What is a common problem with skylights?

One of the most common issues experienced with skylights is water damage.

Water leakage is one of the main risks associated with skylights. Over time, sun exposure and weather conditions can cause the sealant around the skylight frame to deteriorate, resulting in water seeping into the home. This can lead to mold growth, rot, and other severe damage. To reduce this risk, it’s essential to make sure that your skylight is sealed correctly when it’s installed and that you keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear over time.

Image of two skylight windows with a view of a blue cloudy sky.

What is the lifespan of a skylight?

It’s important to note that the lifespan of a skylight depends on several factors, including location and maintenance. Generally speaking, most sky-facing windows last up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance. This includes regularly checking for any damage or cracks in the glass and cleaning it twice a year (once in spring and fall). If your skylight has suffered any damage, have it inspected by a professional immediately since even small cracks can lead to significant energy loss or even water infiltration if not taken care of properly?


If you’re ready to install a skylight in your home, give the professionals at Ridgeline Construction a call or contact us online. If you have questions, we are happy to guide you through the process. Your home is your largest investment and we take pride in ensuring your satisfaction.


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