Extending Roof Lifespans: Silicone Roof Coatings’ Benefits

The inherent vulnerabilities of commercial flat roofs are becoming more of a problem, thanks to erratic weather. For example, due to their lack of elevation, flat roofs are susceptible to pooling water and are more exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. The key to mitigating these issues is using a type of coating that will be able to handle all of these problems. We recommend using silicone roof coatings.


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Seamless Waterproof Surface 

As mentioned earlier, the low slope of most commercial roofs makes them susceptible to pooling water. Seams, or any point where the membrane meets the wall or a chimney for that matter, can let in moisture. Sealants are applied to close these gaps; the problem is that these can be easily damaged by water.

With silicone roof coatings, this isn’t an issue. When applied, the coating is spread evenly across the roof surface and fills in the gaps; this creates a seamless surface.

All-Around Protection From UV Rays and Erratic Weather

Another problem is a flat roofs’ wider exposure to UV rays. Wear and tear stemming from UV rays and erratic weather patterns can weaken the sealants and even the roof surface itself, degrading the two to the point where they become brittle and suffer cracks.

Thanks to their UV-resistant nature, silicone roof coatings can handle natural wear and tear better than other types of coatings. Plus, since they’re highly reflective, these coatings absorb less solar heat. This, in turn, reduces your cooling costs.

Lower Labor Costs and Speedy Application 

These long-term energy savings are in addition to the savings on labor costs that will be passed on to you by your contractor. Since silicone roof coatings are easier and take less time to apply, contractors need less manpower.

However, silicone roof coatings that aren’t applied properly won’t be able to fully protect your roof. That’s why if you’re planning to hire one of your local waterproof roof coating companies, you need to make sure they’re certified.

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