Read This Before you Insulate your Attic

Are you considering insulating your attic? Insulating your attic is one of the best ways to save money and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Heat rises and therefore heat rising to an uninsulated attic is energy wasted. An uninsulated home can lose up to 60% of its energy through the attic.

Insulation Saves You Money

Attic insulation can be a great cost saver for you utilities. Insulating your attic can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%. Since heating and cooling make up for an average of about 70% of your utility bills, the savings can be substantial.

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Insulation Regulates Temperature In Your Home

Your furnace and air conditioner work over time in the winter and summer to keep your house at the temperature you prefer. Attic insulation keeps the air inside your home in and the outside air out. If your attic is not properly insulated, your HVAC could be in overdrive trying to regulate temperature.

Insulation is Long Lasting

A properly insulated and well maintained home offers a great return on investment. Your insulated attic may last up to 100 years if well maintained.

Insulation Keeps You Comfortable

If your bedrooms are located on the top floors of your home, you are more vulnerable to the temperature outside. If you struggle to regulate the temperature of your bedrooms, lack of insulation may be the cause. Some rooms may experience a temperature fluctuation of up to 15 degrees between floors. Insulating your attic will keep you comfortable in the peak of summer and winter when your HVAC is getting the most use.

Insulation Can Improve Air Quality

Your HVAC works hard to keep pollutants such as dust, pollen, mildew and more out of your house. Without proper insulation, the buildup of these airborne allergens can result in poor indoor air quality. Attic insulation can prevent the spread of these pollutants throughout your home, helping to keep your air stay fresh.

Insulation Can Protect Your Roof

An uninsulated attic is more susceptible to damage from heat and moisture. It protects your roof from heat build up, which can damage the shingles and compromise the wood behind them. Insulating your attic will prevent the formation of mold due to excess moisture.

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