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At Ridgeline Construction, we value your input as clients. After all, you are just as integral a part of the construction and design process as we are. It’s our mission to work with homeowners as a team. We are dedicated to making sure we can accomplish the goals you have in mind for your home.

We spoke with two of our past clients, married couple Chris and Liz, about their experience with Ridgeline Construction. Chris is a CPA for a local accounting firm, and Liz is a homemaker and interior designer. They reached out to Ridgeline when their roof experienced severe damage due to a hail storm about a year ago. They had used other construction companies in the past but called Ridgeline because they know and trust  Lauren and Terry Marsh, our owners. 

“We have a personal relationship with Lauren and Terry, and we trusted them and their work,” says Chris. “We knew they would take care of us, and they did.”

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In addition to roofing issues, Chris says they ended up having to replace their garage door and gutters. “They had to repaint the roof in our den from water damage, and we decided to change colors from what was existing,” says Liz.

“Ridgeline was very professional and timely. They kept us in the loop on the [entire] process,” Chris adds. 

Ridgeline made sure these changes were made efficiently and correctly. “They were very good to work with in regards to making changes. They were really quick. I want to say they took about two or three weeks, but they immediately sent someone out here,” says Chris.

Our representatives and construction teams are dedicated to providing homeowners with the best results in as convenient a time frame as possible. As Chris said, it’s important to us that you remain involved in the process every step of the way.

Always There For You

Liz and Chris say they were very impressed that Ridgeline stayed as closely involved as they did. Their Ridgeline representative even made sure to be involved in the insurance process to make sure they were getting the best out of their insurance.

“We were unsure if insurance was going to approve the changes we needed and Ridgeline sent a representative to meet with the insurance adjuster to assess the damage,” says Liz.

“The Ridgeline representative did an excellent job working with the adjuster, and we got much more than we anticipated covered,” adds Chris. 

Overall, Chris and Liz say they are happy to suggest Ridgeline to other friends because they know Ridgeline will take care of all construction needs. “They’re good people,” Chris says.

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