Leaky Roof? 5 maintenance tips to prevent damage

No one wants to be scrounging around for a bucket to fix a leaky roof when a storm hits. Most of the time, it’s hard to know there’s a roof leak problem until it’s affecting your family and your home. Here are some essential tips and tricks that keep your roof secure and your home leak-free. 

5 tips to prevent a leaky roof

  • Start in the attic.

    Without proper ventilation, heat and moisture build-up in the attic combine to cause problems in your rafters, shingles, and insulation. Ventilation is incredibly important in preventing roof leaks. Proper attic ventilation will better prevent damage that is frequently caused by moisture and mold, and also increases roofing material life. Taking time to evaluate the status of your attic will help you to know ahead of times of trouble if your roof is in good shape.

  • Check out likely leak spots.

    Leak spots can be hard to identify in the absence of rain. Even when it is raining, the origin of a leak is often not directly above where the water dripping occurs. The most likely places where you will get a roof leak are near the chimney, flashings, skylights, and missing shingles. Inspect these areas and make sure that they are accurately installed, not broken or cracked, and functioning correctly. If there is an issue, it’s much easier to address a single issue than to repair an entire roof.

  • Clean your gutters.

    If your gutters are clogged, water can get backed up under the shingles. This water can then cause problems to your roof, which can lead to leakage and possibly even more damaging issues. A simple but effective way to protect your gutters from debris and pests is through gutter guards. Installing gutter guards maintain drainage and keeps water from draining into trouble areas.

  • Trim your trees.

    Having trees on your property or near your home could increase future risk for your roof. At the least, tree leaves can block drainage in your gutters. On the more extreme, overhanging trees can harm your roof through falling branches or storm damage. Trimming trees back from your home helps protect from many avenues of a possible accident.

  • Get regular roof inspections.

    Roof inspections help you to catch problems while they are still small, protect your warranty, and save you money in repairs over many years. Having an expert look at your roof will assist you in protecting your home from significant damages. Annual roof inspections are cost-effective and wise to pursue as a homeowner.

My roof leaks. Now what?New construction contractor icon

Ultimately, even the best preventive measures aren’t a guarantee that your home will never experience a roof leak. If you experience roof leakage, the best thing to do is to call a respected roofing company in your area and have them do an inspection and consultation. The longer that you try and quick-fix your roof leaks, the more roof repairs will cost you in the long run!

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