Signs You’re Dealing With Wind or Hail Damage at Home

The forces of nature are often unforgiving. Storms and floods can wreak havoc on your patio and deck. Extreme winds can shatter your windows, and even mild hailstorms can cause a lot of damage to your roofing system.

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Your roof should protect you from outside forces, but lack of regular storm damage roof inspection, replacement services and necessary home repairs could lead to issues down the line.

Here are the signs that your house has suffered damage from extreme winds and hailstorms.

Home Exterior Wind Damage 

Home exterior damage caused by wind can be severe. The roof is the first place that you should check after violent winds hit your home. Look for:

  • Cracked shingles

  • Torn pieces of siding

  • Splits on the underlayment

  • Scratches on the paint

  • Dents on the door frames

  • Failing window mechanisms

  • Shattered window glass

  • Cracked wood on deck

Home Exterior Hail Damage

Hailstorms are dangerous. Appearing like ice cubes or snowballs, they are solid objects coming from miles above your roof. So, no matter what size of hailstones you’re dealing with, your house can suffer from a significant amount of damage. It will get worse unless you have it seen by trusted roof maintenance companies. After a hailstorm, you can spot signs of exterior damage, such as:

  • Missing and shingles

  • Lifted and curling shingles

  • Dents or pockmarks

  • Exposed underlayment

  • Moisture on window sills and casings

  • Chips and scratches on sidings

  • Dents on the gutter

  • Scratches on wood surface

  • Scrapes of paint

The best thing to do after a storm strikes is to call qualified experts to assess the extent of damage suffered by your house.

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