The Unexpected Benefits of Insulated Siding

With power prices on the rise, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make their home more energy-efficient. Depending on your home’s design and how old it is, it may take a while to make it truly energy-efficient. Arguably, you should start with the largest parts of your home; that way, you can enjoy the potential energy savings sooner.

One of the biggest parts of a home’s exterior is its siding; adding insulation to siding makes it more energy-efficient.

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The many benefits of insulated siding


The R-Value 

The R-value gives you an idea on how well a certain material can insulate your home; the higher the R-value is, the better its insulation capabilities. To give you an overview of the insulation capabilities of standard non-insulated siding, wooden siding has the best insulation properties, with an R-value of 0.87. Vinyl, a popular type of siding, only has an R-value of 0.61.

Insulated Siding 

The R-values of insulated siding usually vary, with some types getting an R-4 rating. Keep in mind, however, that R-values aren’t the only thing on which you should be focusing. The parts of your home where heat can leak out are equally important as well.

Twenty-five percent of your home is made of wooden wall studs, which are poor insulators. By installing insulated siding, you can insulate the wall studs and reduce your annual power bills by as much as 20%.

Some Unexpected Benefits 

Just in case you’re wondering about the most popular types of insulated siding, vinyl is one. Apart from being more energy-efficient, insulated vinyl siding looks sturdier. Regular siding looks a bit flimsy because of the hollow spaces behind it; adding insulation layers can help fill these voids and prop it up.

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