Tips on Taking Care of Your Home’s Gutters

A well-maintained gutter system is essential in keeping the home safe from water damage. To make sure your gutters stay in good shape, here a few tips on proper gutter maintenance for you.


A gutter downspout

Keep It Clog-Free

Most gutter issues can be traced back to water getting stuck inside them due to debris clogging the trough and downspouts. Because of this, experts strongly recommend having the gutter cleaned out on a regular basis, especially during autumn when a lot of foliage can get lodged in the troughs.

Cover It Up

After getting the debris out of your gutter system, you’ll have to take measures to make sure more debris doesn’t clog it in the future. TPO membrane roofing contractors like us recommend getting some form of gutter protection (such as gutter brushes or guards), which can filter debris out of water runoff.

Check for Warps

Warps or bends in a gutter system can also prevent water from flowing freely down the storm drain. Perform a visual inspection around your home, and check for signs of misaligned or deformed sections. Depending on the extent of the problem, the warps can either be hammered back into shape, or an entire section may have to be replaced.

Check for Moisture Damage

Just because the gutters keep your home safe from moisture damage doesn’t mean that they’re completely impervious to moisture. As one of the top waterproof roof coating companies, we can have metal components in the gutter, such as screws, trusses and the actual troughs, coated to keep corrosion from weakening them.

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