What do roof ventilation and roof damage have in common?

Roof ventilation is an incredibly valuable detail that often gets overlooked by homeowners. 

While you may know that having proper attic ventilation for your roof is needed, most homeowners do not fully understand why. This lack of understanding often leads to postponing venting your attic, which will result in significant roof damage over time. 

If you aren’t proactive about ensuring that your roof is well vented, then you are undoubtedly positioning yourself for roof damage. At Ridgeline Construction, a premier local roofing company, we understand the value of ventilation for your home. By recognizing the importance of roof ventilation, we help you as the homeowner prevent further damage from occurring down the line.

5 reasons why roof ventilation is important 


1. Roof ventilation reduces energy costs.

In the summer months, if you have improperly ventilated your roof, heat cannot escape. Because of this heat trapped in your attic, your home’s air conditioner unit will always be overworking. Having a correctly vented roof allows heat to rise and leave your home, and results in your air conditioning not being forced to run as frequently. The less your air conditioner runs, the less your electric bill costs.


2. Roof ventilation reduce indoor temperature extremes.

Another effect on your home that results from poor ventilation is varying temperatures throughout different rooms in your home. If you’ve ever felt like your upstairs bedrooms were considerably warmer than your downstairs living room, then you may have a ventilation problem.  


3. Roof ventilation keeps moisture from forming mold.

A warm, humid environment is the perfect place for mold or mildew to grow. Not only can mold ruin the items you have stored in the attic, but it can cause serious health problems. Having mold is difficult to identify until you see it, yet very hazardous to your family’s health. 


4. Roof ventilation upholds the structure of your home from warping.

Trapped heat can extend past your attic and roofing, too. With a buildup of heat and moisture, poor ventilation can lead to warping of the wood framing in your attic, which in turn can warp walls and door frames, resulting in blistering your paint or wallpaper.


5. Roof ventilation extends the life of your roof.

The heat trapped in your attic won’t just spread into the rooms of your home, but it will also transfer back to the roof itself, which may lead to necessary repairs. This heat causes your roof’s underlayment shingles to become overheated, decreasing their lifespan. Cracking shingles or premature loss of granules can be signs of improper ventilation. 

Ridgeline Construction knows about roofing

Believe it or not, most roof failures are due to improper ventilation. At Ridgeline Construction, during our roof inspection, we intentionally analyze your roof’s health, which includes its ventilation pathways. 

In our quote, we include a component that facilitates more avenues of ventilation so that you can have a long-lasting, up to code, sturdy roof that is safe for your family.

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