What Improper Shingle Nailing Can Do to Your Roof

Overdriven nails and improperly placed nails are two of the most common issues with nailing asphalt shingles. It happens when roofers fail to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for installation.

Roof damage - improper shingle nailing.

Ridgeline Construction Roofing & Exteriors, one of your local roof repair companies, discusses the consequences of these nailing mistakes to your asphalt roof.

Overdriven Nails

Overdriven nails can cause shingles to become loose and get blown off by the wind. Roofing nails must be flat, flushed and penetrate at least 3/4 inch into the sheathing or through the sheathing if it’s 1/2 inch plywood.

Nails that are fastened using an air compressor-powered nail gun are more likely to be overdriven. Over-driven nails cut through the shingles and reduce their resistance to wind. As one of the area’s most trusted roofing companies, you can count on Ridgeline Construction Roofing & Exteriors for efficient roof installation.

Improperly Placed NailsA roofer working on a roof

Nails that are placed too high on the shingle can result in various roofing issues. When properly located, nails should catch the top edge of the shingle under it. Nails don’t capture the shingle below when they are placed too high.

Improperly secured shingles can slide out of the nail holes, which isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. There is no easy fix to this problem and the entire roof may need to be replaced. This roofing problem can’t be detected from the ground, making regular roof inspections important.

Avoid these issues by hiring a reliable roofing contractor like Ridgeline Construction Roofing & Exteriors. We are one of your most trusted roof replacement contractors. Our team is experienced in roofing, gutter and siding installation. Moreover, we partner with the best manufacturers in the industry to provide you with superior products and services. Call us at (256) 325-1345 or complete our online form for a free estimate.

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