5 Roofing Tips To Follow For A Safe Winter

Close up of a house gutter full of brown leaves

Forgetting to winterize your home before the cold weather months can be costly and potentially detrimental to your home. A simple task such as cleaning out the gutters can help keep your roof structurally sound and safe throughout the winter. To help you prepare for the cold, Ridgeline Construction Roofing and Exteriors has pulled together five top tips to help you prepare your roof for a safe winter.

Winterizing Your Roof

Getting your roof ready for cold weather by winterizing it can help save money in the spring. Frozen rain in cracks can expand and split causing even more damage. A build-up of snow adds additional weight that a weak roof might not be able to handle. Winterizing your roof helps to prevent these disastrous incidents. 

Tip #1 – Trim Trees Branches

Prepare your yard for winter by trimming tree branches back. Do not just focus on smaller bushes and trees. Trim any branches from trees that could potentially fall on your house during a winter storm or due to snow build-up. Heavy snow and ice can cause branches to snap and fall on your roof causing serious and costly damage. Make a regular schedule in the warmer months to trim branches that you can reach with proper gardening tools back. For larger trees, consider hiring a tree trimming or removal service to professionally and safely remove branches. The whole tree might even need removal if it is old and showing signs of falling.

Tip #2 – Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected   

Whether or not you see obvious roof issues, you should have your roof professionally inspected every six months to one year depending on your roof’s age. A professional roof inspection by Ridgeline Construction Roofing and Exteriors will provide insight into your roof’s current condition and potential damage winter weather could cause. Our expert team members will then provide suggested maintenance needs such as shingle replacement or roof coating.

Tip #3 – Clean Out The Gutters and Downspouts

You should regularly clean out your home’s gutters and around downspouts. This should be done every few months, but also after a storm that might cause more debris build-up than usually. Cleaning out gutters can be a simple task if you have a one-level home and proper safety equipment. Otherwise, call a professional gutter cleaning service to perform this task on a two-story home or taller. It is easy to clear around downspouts. Keeping this area clear will ensure that water continues to flow away and does not get backed up into the pipe.

Tip #4 – Replace Or Repair Your Gutters 

Gutters run along the edge of your home’s roof and help to reroute rainfall to a designated drain spout and to the ground. This rerouting can help prevent pooling or flooding by your front or back door, and it can prevent s total downpour from the roof. There are a few signs to look for in determining if you need new gutters or gutter repairs. First, look or the gutter coming away from the roof or sagging. If it looks like it is falling off, it is time for some work. Second, look for obvious signs of rusting or dents. Rust is a sign of deterioration and will require some gutter replacement. Dents can alter the flow of water through a gutter causing blockages. Third, check for signs of leaking or overflowing water. This might be easier to spot while it is actually raining.

Tip #5 – Be Ready With The Right Tools

Go ahead and find a handy roof rake. These can be purchased at local hardware stores or DIY-ed with materials you might already have in your tool shed. A roof rake makes it easier to remove accumulated snow from your roof. Some rakes create a small avalanche effect…you do a small amount of work and the avalanche effect pulls the snow off the roof for you. If you have properly followed the previous tips for winter roof preparation, using a roof rake will be easy.

Prepare Your Roof For A Safe Winter Today

Don’t get caught with costly roof repairs comes springtime. Prep your home with a roof inspection, minor repairs, and regular maintenance to keep it safe through the cold winter months. 

For all your roofing and gutter repair and maintenance needs, contact Ridgeline Construction Roofing & Exteriors for a free estimate today.  

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