How To Handle Your Insurance Company After Storm Damage

How To Handle Your Insurance Company After Storm Damage

Storm damage to your roof or home exterior can be incredibly frustrating. On top of having to find a place to stay while repairs are made, dealing with insurance is another factor if you want to get coverage for the damages. Follow these steps after a storm to make sure your home is taken care of.

Contact Your Agent ASAP

Having your home damaged by a storm can be a very emotional experience. Your first instinct may be to talk to family about the experience, and while that’s important and necessary for healing, it’s crucial to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to get the claim process started and running smoothly. When you call your agent, be sure to have your policy number and preferred contact number, and email ready to disclose. 

Document Before Cleaning

The damage from a storm can be an eyesore, but before cleaning, take photos and gather clear documentation of all damages. Many insurance companies will want a list of the damaged items and their approximate price so that the reimbursement process goes smoothly. 

Prevent Further Damage

The best thing you can do to ease the pain of home damage is to prevent any more from happening. If you’re able, purchase a tarp or anything you need to ensure debris doesn’t cause more damage to the exterior or interior of your home. Keep your receipts for these purchases as some insurance companies will reimburse you for the purchases.

Write Down Everything

While filing an insurance claim, there’s a good chance that you will have to speak to multiple people. It’s a good idea to keep a log of every person you speak to, as well as their number and job title. Be sure to take note of issues discussed so that you can reference what was said to you in the event of any trouble with your claim. It’s always better to be over-prepared. 


Ridgeline Construction Roofing & Exteriors assists our customers with the roof insurance claims process. We first perform a comprehensive inspection to gauge the level of roof storm damage. From there, we can determine if the damage is severe enough to warrant an insurance claim. If you need to file a claim, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation required by the insurance company for proof of damage. 



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