What’s That Noise Coming From Your Ceiling

Creaking, cracking, and popping noises coming from the roof or ceiling are likely to raise a concern to homeowners everywhere. While some of these noises could make you feel like a collapse is imminent, the truth is, that is almost never the case. Typically, noises coming from the ceiling are a totally normal occurrence, but what causes these strange sounds? What do they mean for the longevity and integrity of your ceilings and roof? Is it necessary to contact us to perform maintenance or is it just noise? 

What Causes Ceiling and Roof Noises? 

While it seems like these disconcerting sounds only come at night, they’re also just as likely to happen during the day. It can go unnoticed throughout the day due to other sounds and distractions but can become extremely apparent in the quietness of the night. 

The good news is that these unsettling sounds are usually totally normal, and pose no immediate threat to the structural integrity of your home. Specifically, these sounds are due to the shifting, settling, and adjusting caused by changes in the temperature outside. 

Common Noises Coming From Your Roof

Identifying the types of sounds coming from you is a great step towards identifying the cause of it. Normal types of noises coming from your roof or ceiling include:

  • Creaking Noises – Creaking noises are common in houses with both peaked and flat roofs. These noises are usually caused by fluctuations in temperature, but can also be caused by ice and snow on your roof. 
  • Cracking Noises – The sound of cracking usually comes from an attic space. This cracking sound is caused by roofing timber settling and shifting.
  • Tapping Noises – Tapping sounds coming from your roof or ceiling may be caused by your home’s HVAC system. Ductwork contracts and expands throughout the day, and can often create a repetitive tapping sound.

Ridgeline Construction: Your Local Roofing Experts

While most noises coming from your ceiling or roof are almost never a cause for concern, it’s always best to be proactive when it comes to maintaining your home. That’s why you need Ridgeline Construction Roofing & Exteriors on your side. We’re your roofing experts, and our highly skilled team members are always just a phone call away when your roof needs timely and dependable service or repair. 

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