Preparing Your House for Hurricane Season

Man preparing his home for a hurricane by boarding up his windows

A man measuring windows for hurricane shutters or plywood.

In previous blogs, we’ve touched on various preparations for damage to your home. From insurance considerations to gutter maintenance, it’s crucial to prepare for all sorts of events that might come your way.

Weather is one of the most common sources of impact on a home. In Alabama, specifically in the southeast region, hurricanes can be more than a threat, but a real source of damage.

Today, we here at Ridgeline Construction would like to review the things you can do to ensure that your home is girded for hurricane season.

What to know about hurricanes

Hurricane season is fast approaching. Though hurricanes are liable to strike at any time, there’s a particular window in which they tend to form across the Atlantic Ocean. Conventionally, hurricanes occur between June and November.

Hurricanes bring two phenomena that are dangerous for both you and your home: wind and water. Torrential rain can potentially flood your home. Winds at high enough speeds have the power to rip roofs apart, batter the house with untethered objects, and break unsecured windows.

Homeowners in Florida and the southeastern region of Alabama are particularly prone to the dangers of hurricane season. At times, hurricanes can maintain their strength as they crawl inland. While these storms can be frightening, the good news is that there are a few things you can do to prepare.

How to prepare your house for hurricanes

Hurricane preparedness is a nationally recognized need. This recognition is great news for homeowners because it means information surrounding hurricane protection measures is readily available.

Here are a few key measures to implement when hurricane-proofing your home:

Inspect your roof: Even if you have experience doing this, it’s a good idea to get an annual roofing inspection done by a local roofing company. Ridgeline is the perfect reference to consult for professional service to ensure that your roof is safe and secure for your family.

Use sandbags to prevent flooding: You can purchase sandbags from your local hardware store, or make them yourself if you have the available resources.

Clean your gutters: This step is of utmost importance. Your home needs the gutters during a hurricane to help flush away water from your home. During a storm, the last thing you want is a compromised sluice system.

Batten down your windows: Shutters might not always be sufficient, depending on the strength of the hurricane. For category three and up, it might be best to board them as well.

Use a Self Storage Facility: If you want to take extra precautions prior to these natural phenomenons occurring you can search online for a secure self storage facility further inland where your important belongings can be housed during hurricane season.

Keep an eye to the sky!

Most importantly, to prepare your home for a hurricane, you first have to know that one is coming. It’s integral that you follow weather forecasts, preferably from the National Weather Service, as they’re the professionals from whom all local networks materialize their forecasts.

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