Rubber Roof Membrane Punctures: Causes and How to Prevent Them

Without a doubt, roofing systems cost a ton of money. It’s the single most expensive part of a commercial building, especially when it uses high-quality materials like slate shingles, metal roof coatings or rubber roof membranes.


rubber roofing membrane material

When one part of the system is compromised, the entire roof will be affected. As such, it’s reasonable for property owners to take good care of their roofing system. Otherwise, they would be spending more and suffering a lot of inconvenience.

Most commercial building owners prefer hiring qualified commercial roofing contractors to do all the maintenance and replacement work. The presence of moisture or water leaks, for example, are signs that your rubber roof membrane has punctures.

Typical causes and solutions for rubber roof membrane punctures include:

  1. Roof Traffic

Sometimes, punctures are caused by tools, cigarettes and hard objects dropped by personnel while they were on the roof. If they are not careful, they can also create punctures as they walk on your roof.

One way to prevent this is to limit traffic on the roof. Anyone who needs to get up on the roof has to be versed in the proper way of doing so to prevent damage. Make sure you allow access to only trained and trusted contractors.

  1. Natural Causes

The next culprit: the weather. Extreme winds, hailstones, flying debris and even heavy rains can cause punctures to your roofing membrane.

Small animals can also contribute to the problem as they could scratch, peck and drop debris or stones on your roof while rodents and pests can bore through roofing material.


Consider calling an expert to give you advice on how you can get an extra coating of protection for your roof. Regular checkups and maintenance can also help prevent many kinds of roof problems.

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