Why You Should Never Neglect Professional Roofing Maintenance

roofing maintenance

               How frequently do you check on your roof? Not so often right?

Well, while it’s not every day you will walk outside gazing at your roof for signs of damage, you mustn’t take it for granted.

The roof is more than just a cover for your house. It is an essential part of your home meant to protect you and your loved ones from rain, snow, hail, and the wind among more. It is an investment you cannot do without and that is why you cannot afford to neglect professional roofing maintenance.

Roofs are exposed to the elements such as snow, sunlight, and rain more than any other structure in your home. For that reason, they’re bound to get damaged over time and if not properly maintained, you may be forced to replace a whole new roof. That may cost you more than you think. HomeAdvisor lists the average price of a new roof in the US somewhere between $5,347 and 10,788. It definitely pays to keep an eye out for small problems before they become a big repair bill later on!

While you can do regular visual inspections on your roof, an experienced technician must do the maintenance work and look closely for signs of damage every once in a while. Wondering why? Well, as professionals, we’re trained to be keen observers and that means we can identify even the smallest issues before they get worse. We can guide you on what needs to be done to prevent further damage and at the same time, advise when to replace it.

If you have a shingle roof, many small signs of damage from hail or high wind can be difficult to spot if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Pitting in the shingle material like you’ll see in the picture below can lead to water intrusion and costly repairs down the road:

maintenance of roof

Here are a few more reasons for you to do proper and regular maintenance on your roof

Saves on Cost

With a professional checking your roof once in a while, you can be sure to detect any small problems as soon as they appear. That way, you can easily do repairs before the problem gets bigger and costly causing you to replace the entire roof. So, in the short run, it might look expensive but in the long run, it will save you a lot.

Cracks, Curling and Raised Shingles

Given that your roof gets exposed to many elements such as rain and snow among others, cracks are bound to appear on the surface. If regular checkups are done, you can easily see the cracks and repair early enough. Shingles are also prone to curling up due to too much moisture and the surface granules, which provide protection against moisture intrusion, tend to get pitted and damaged in hail storms, as we’ve already seen in the above picture. These are just a few of the problems that may be difficult to spot from the ground with an untrained eye. So, get the friendly experts at Ridgeline Construction Roofing and Interiors to take a look at least once a year.

Peace of Mind

The roof is a vital element of your house and thus, lack of maintenance means your entire home is left unattended. However, instead of the constant worry of problems arising from your roof, you can choose to stay ahead of maintenance problems with regular inspections. That way, you get to address small issues like leaks around a vent pipe before they cause extensive damage to the structure of your home. That can bring a lot of peace of mind for busy homeowners who don’t like to be surprised by large repair bills.

install vent pipe

A damaged or improperly installed vent pipe is one of the many things to be on the lookout for.

To avoid Insurance problems

Most people probably think that their insurance coverage protects their homes from any damage. However, this is not always the case. Your insurance plan may come in handy when the roof gets damaged. However, in most cases, if the roof gets damaged due to lack of care, little or no compensation is made. So, instead of trusting in your insurance coverage or a manufacturer’s warranty fully, it is good that you do regular checkups to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Hopefully these reasons we listed helps you understand that some things are definitely better left to professionals. As well trained technicians, can identify even the smallest problems and thus, give you proper guidance and advice before it’s too late. Besides, if you are in or near any of the following places; Huntsville, AL – Spanish Fort, AL – Pensacola, FL, we can schedule a complimentary inspection for you.

Feel free to contact us today for any questions or to set an appointment for a free roof inspection.

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