A Guide to Dealing With Storm Damage to Your Roof

Did your roof recently get damaged by a storm? According to many roof maintenance companies, storm damage is one of the most serious types of roofing problems. This is why we have a few tips to help you make this type of roofing issue more manageable.

A Guide to Dealing With Storm Damage to Your Roof

Take Pictures and Notes

Good information will go a long way in making damage restoration a lot easier. Once it’s safe outside, see if you can take as many pictures of your roof as possible, focusing on the damage. You may also want to take note of any useful info, such as dampness in the ceiling or the presence of musty smells, that might indicate mold formation.

Get a Roof Inspector

Scanning the roof for problems is good, but sometimes you need a more trained eye to fully assess the damage. Our storm damage roof inspection experts can help you find issues that would otherwise be missed by a regular roof check. This will help you make a better case with your insurance provider when making a claim.

Check Your Insurance

A lot of insurance claims get rejected simply because some problems are considered out of the policy’s coverage. Make sure you read the fine print in your insurance policy to make sure everything that has to be fixed will be covered and that you have the budget to spare for those that aren’t.

Hire Reputable Roofers

Since repairing storm damage requires a lot of skill and the right equipment, you should have all kinds of roof work done by reputable professionals. For example, metal roof companies will be able to replace damaged roof panels much faster (and safer) than if you let amateurs do the job.

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